From the recording Fragments and Dreams

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Stolen Country Blues - the most recently written song on the EP (2021) - speaks of Australia healing from the wounds of western colonisation and coming together for a positive shared future.


Hear me singing, hear me moaning, the blues on my horn
Hear me growling, hear me howling, the night until dawn
Hear the blues of this country - since the day I been born

Won't hear me laughing - hear me crying - such stories I've heard
When the country, was a-stolen, and culture was burned
Hear the blues of the people - oh what lessons we've learned

Hear the people, are a talking, and making new friends
Yes, the people are a-telling, their tales to the end
For the blues of this country - time for making amends

Now we're walking, back together - your hand in my hand
Yes we're talking, now together - and making new plans
For the blues of this country - time for healing the land