What is ‘world-jazz’ and what are some underexplored opportunities for creativity in this broad hybrid genre? These two questions will be the primary focus of this work, which delves into ‘world-jazz’ by examining crossover styles that relate to twelve original ‘world-jazz’ compositions.  

This work addresses two primary questions: 

1) What is ‘world-jazz’? 
2) What are some under-explored opportunities for further development and creativity within this broad genre?   

A third, more theoretical question is addressed secondarily: 

3) Can jazz successfully translate into contexts within all regions of the globe, in such a way that that the music presents an authentic expression of ethnic and regional culture, whilst retaining the essential qualities of jazz, thus contributing towards a global jazz language?  

David undertook practice-led research to create a set of compositions and arrangements representing world-jazz, with styles explored including Bossa-Nova, Samba, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Beat, Ethio-Jazz, Egyptian Jazz, Jazz Reggae, Persian Jazz, Indian influenced Jazz and Oceania/Polynesian influenced jazz.